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Removal method of Label paper
- Jun 28, 2016 -

Now a lot of label paper applications are very extensive, I believe that most people have encountered, we usually buy in the supermarket vases, bowls and other plastic products, glass products and ceramic products, above will also be affixed with the manufacturer's label paper.

Although the surface of the printed paper can be torn off, but the sticky glue underneath is always not clean. Because ordinary self-adhesive generally contains petroleum resin, acrylic acid and other polymer materials, viscosity is relatively high. Manufacturers hope to stick to a little, transport process will not fall, but sticky too tight, torn up and inconvenient.

At present, there is no process, can not only ensure the strength of adhesion, but also can easily tear away without leaving traces. But in general, thinner fluids such as alcohol, gasoline or nail polish and hand cream can help remove these stickers easily and completely.

The method is to rip off a layer of paper on the surface of the label, apply alcohol or gasoline, etc., and then use the hand to constantly rub on the surface, so that it is fully soaked in the adhesive, and finally wipe off with cloth. However, with these solvents, it is also possible to cause damage to the surface of the utensils, the current summary of the better method is to soak in hot water or blow the adhesive part with a hairdryer, and then use a damp cloth friction to remove the self-adhesive. This method does not cause damage to the item.

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