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Types of Label paper
- Jul 15, 2016 -


Material characteristics: Not waterproof, oil-free, can be torn, there are dumb, puguang, light of the scope of application: Outer box stickers, price stickers, asset management records, ordinary home appliances body stickers, such as the applicable carbon belt: full wax/semi-wax half-tree and optional materials: Glasin bottom copperplate paper, yellow-bottomed copperplate paper, imported copperplate paper

Heat-sensitive paper:

Material characteristics: Not waterproof, non-oil, can tear the scope of application: More used in supermarket electronic scale labels, chemical laboratories and other applicable carbon belt: not with carbon belt and optional materials: Imported thermal paper, domestic thermal paper, in fact, many manufacturers now produce thermal paper effect is also very good.

Tag/paper Jam:

Material characteristics: Not waterproof, oil-resistant, can be torn scope of application: clothing, footwear, supermarkets and shopping malls price cards applicable to the carbon belt: full wax/half wax half tree, optional materials: 210 grams of tags, 250 grams of tags, 300 grams of tags, 350 grams of tags, 500 grams of tags (grams according to the actual needs of customers production)

Synthetic paper: Material characteristics: Waterproof, oil-proof, non-tearing, high temperature resistance, wear-resistant wipe, matte, Puguang, light (different materials of temperature resistance, oil resistance, waterproof has different) scope of application: Electronics, home appliances, automobiles, chemicals and other industries. PET: Strong toughness, crisp and hard, suitable for the smooth surface of the object identification; PVC: Poor toughness, soft and bonded, suitable for the non-very flat surface of the object identification; synthetic paper: The toughness boundary between the two, suitable for the surface of the bottle of items marking with the applicable carbon belt: All resin carbon bands are required

(subdivided with carbon belt models according to label material)

Water wash Mark: Also known as "wash cloth" Shuebu "material characteristics: can be repeatedly washed, oil-proof scope of application: clothing, shoes and hats, leather goods and other industries applicable to the Carbon belt: all need to use a full resin ribbon, and the stability of the whole resin ribbon requirements are high.

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