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What is label Paper
- Jun 22, 2016 -

To get a label of perfect quality, in addition to configuring high-quality barcode printers, a reasonable choice of label paper is also a very important link. At present, the barcode printer industry is more used in non-dry glue labels.

ion toner cartridge TK-110

Adhesive label by the off-type paper, paper and as a adhesive agent of the two three parts, off-type paper commonly known as  "bottom paper ", the surface is oily, the bottom paper has an isolation effect on the adhesive, so it is used as an attachment to the surface paper to ensure that the surface paper can be easily stripped off the bottom paper, also known as Bottom paper divided into ordinary bottom paper and glasin (glassine) Bottom paper, ordinary bottom paper texture rough, large thickness, according to its color has yellow, white, etc., the general printing industry commonly used non-dry glue bottom paper for the economic yellow bottom paper. Golasin (glassine) Bottom paper texture is dense, uniform, has a good internal strength and light transmittance, is a common material for the production of barcode labels. Its commonly used colors are blue and white. We usually talk about label paper for copperplate papers, heat-sensitive paper and so on, refers to the face paper. Face paper is the label printing content of the carrier, according to its material divided into copperplate paper, heat-sensitive paper, PET, PVC and other categories. Face paper on the back of the adhesive, it on the one hand to ensure that the bottom paper and surface paper of the moderate adhesion, on the other hand, to ensure that the surface paper is stripped, but also with the paste has a strong paste property.

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