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Featuring a unique laminating tape process and standard adhesives, label maker refill tape is designed for the Brother label printers.

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Featuring a unique laminating tape process and standard adhesives, label maker refill tape is designed for the Brother label printers. As a new type of tape designed for commercial and industrial label applications, it complies with relevant standards. In addition, it has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-resistant, and chemically resistant, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, even in hot and cold environments. We also offer tapes in a variety of colors and sizes for a variety of different applications.


  • Its easy-to-peel backing allows it to adhere to many surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastic, etc.

  • High quality PET material, environmentally friendly, weather resistant.

  • Anti-fading, strong adhesion, easy to install and use.

  • Easy to use, easy to clean, leaving no residue when remove the label.

  • Economical, high tensile strength, little elongation, high intensity, good heat resistance and oil resistance.



Label Maker Refill Tapes

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Label Material
PET material

Ribbon Material

Glass A RESI

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Our Advantages

  • Environmentally friendly materials, high quality.

  • The price is reasonable and competitive.

  • Fast delivery and perfect after-sales service.

  • Can be customized or made according to your specific requirements.

  • The product has undergone several tests and is 100% compatible with the Brother label printers

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