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Common Faults And Solutions Of Ribbon Cartridge
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Ribbon fracture The tension of the ribbon is too large, the pull-off suture or the word hammering rotten ribbon causes the Ribbon to break.

In the former case, the fracture part can be cut off and stitched again; the latter case can only be replaced with a ribbon.

Ribbon is jammed

The edge of the ribbon is silky, and after the hair is easy to wrap the ribbon wheel, resulting in the ribbon wheel is stuck, the ribbon can not normally retract the Ribbon box.

First open the printer cover, the Ribbon rotary arm and hammer row lock handle open, in the Ribbon box of the belt end will be lightly pulled back, and then the color with the swivel arm and hammer row lock handle, turn on the power supply, the machine in the self-test ribbon will be loaded back to the Ribbon.

Precautions Do not store in direct sunlight, more dusty places.


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