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Structure Of Ribbon Cartridge
- Jul 25, 2016 -

The composition of the Ribbon is very simple, is to nylon as raw materials woven from the base through the ink soaking, dyeing made. Good ribbon, with the base should be durable hit, elastic, long printing does not hair, constantly line, do not mint the edge of the leaf. Its performance is mainly with the base surface leveling, no protruding fiber knot, warp and weft density organization is uniform and strict, cutting edge straight and uniform, no coke paste phenomenon. Touch by hand: Good band soft and delicate, there is a sense of smoothness. Pull time elasticity is good, good resilience.

Bad Ribbon base disconnection drawing, touch when the feel is hard, cut edge is not uniform, with edge coke paste is fierce, pull when the elasticity is small, poor resilience, printing often entrainment, easy to start the lotus leaf edge, resulting in blocking needles, cassette and other phenomena.

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