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The Difference Between Second-hand Copiers, Refurbished Copiers, Remanufacturing Copiers
- Mar 13, 2016 -

Second-hand Copier

Starting from the new machine it can become second-hand, two mobile phone range, there is a new machine after use to become second-hand, there are remanufacturing machine after the use of second-hand, strictly speaking, this is not a standard definition, not as a reference for description.

Refurbishment of photocopiers

Refurbished copiers have been screened, cleaned, tested and refurbished by third parties (not manufacturers). Most refurbished copiers are used for less than three years, are customized by third parties and are equipped with a third party warranty. Most importantly, this type of copier sells discounts of up to 90% off the retail price.

If you choose this type of copier, you only need to judge the reputation and qualifications of third parties.

Remanufacturing Copiers

Manufacturers also sell refurbished copiers, called remanufacturing, remanufacturing means manufacturers to carry out production rather than third parties, the standard for the original factory, processing procedures and corresponding service personnel for the original distribution. Compared to refurbished photocopiers, these remanufactured copiers are usually used for less than 3 years, as they are recovered for a variety of reasons, such as short-term lease expiration, showroom prototypes, temporary termination of contract recovery by enterprises, etc., and photocopiers, which are generally repaired, refurbished, cleaned and debugged for re-sale, are called remanufacturing.

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