The ribbon is mainly composed of wax-based ribbon and resin ribbon. It is a kind of important printing materials that can protect the printhead. It can be matched with high-quality paper to achieve the best print quality, so that the text or images can be accurately attached to the paper, which is not easy to fall off.
The ribbon also has the characteristics that other resin materials do not have, such as excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance, it can meet your printing requirements, even in extreme environments. With the resistance to high temperature, it is able to work with high speed printing which can greatly improve the working efficiency.
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  • Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    As a very important material for printing, the high quality Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon can protect the printhead.

  • Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    The Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is fully compatible with label materials designed for the high performance applications and does not have any impact on quality and print performance

  • Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbon

    The Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbon is a standard wax tape for label and barcode printing. The versatile design allows it to print high quality barcodes and clear text and graphics.

  • Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    This kind of Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon is suitable for shipping labels, inventory, retail labels, tickets, storage labels, warning labels, shelf labels for flexible packaging, healthcare, logistics, retail, food industry, automative, chemical industry, etc.

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