Thermal Transfer Printer

The thermal transfer printer is the printer with the thermal transfer technology which uses a special ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the ribbon to a paper or other type of material through a working principle similar to that of a fax machine. In addition, since the coating material on the carbon ribbon can be selected according to needs, a strong adhesion is generated, and the selection of the printing medium can ensure that the printed writing is not affected by the outside world. The heating process can be given to the computer to control.
At present, since various software for printing labels have been developed, it is very convenient for the user, especially in general. Labels must produce barcodes, and the generation of barcode symbols has become an indispensable tool for such software.
The products printed by thermal transfer can withstand the test of time and can remain unchanged for a long time. The text can be stored for a long time, does not fade, does not wear out due to contact with solvents, does not cause deformation and discoloration due to high temperature, etc.
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